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Reconciliation  Festival :  Art & Science for a beautiful world 

1st edition: Music & Dance in Nature

25-27 August 2023 , Stavanger

Artists in residence:
Julien Boclé
Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter
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with the mentorship of Yves Quéré from the French Academy of Sciences







The Reconciliation festival is a new festival, located in Stavanger, Norway. It offers 3 days to experience the power of art as a reconciliation vector between human and nature and to re-think our relationship with nature in a sustainable approach. We have a vision that  art and science together can contribute to build a beautiful world and create greater social bond. Join us in the beautiful norwegian nature and bring your ideas!
The first edition will give a central place to our reconnection to nature through our own body, thanks to a series of body movement workshops on the beach, followed by beach cleaning actions and for the finale, the Scandinavian premiere of the choreography " The man and the sea" by Julien Boclé, with pianist Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter.

« Nature, which pre-exists the way we look at it, gives birth to science: it is the framework of our first words, the source of our first questions, and it remains an inexhaustible source of enigmas and wonders.»

Yves Quéré, A shell in the hollow of the ear.

Festival’s godfather, member of the French Academy of Sciences

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