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Den gjenfundne tid /Time Regained

Time for me, time for you, music for all

Den gjenfundne tid

"Den gjenfundne tid" is a norwegian non-profit and volunteered-based association, in Stavanger, founded by two passionate amateur musicians, cellist Nirina Haller and violonist Renata Aradi. Since 2017 the association has promoted mixed musical practice, between amateur and professional, in a renewed spirit of the tradition of French salons. Our name is  the literal translation of the last volume of "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust: "Time Regained".

The concert in a musical salon format allows the public to meet the musicians during an aperitif following the concert; children are invited to perform regularly in the first part.

The association also supports collaborations between the arts: organization of the painting exhibition "Dreams of Iceland" at the French Institute in 2018 in the presence of the Franco-Russian artist Marina Haller, readings in French and Norwegian during the concerts, like during the 30 years anniversary of movie  "All the mornings of the world" by Alain Corneau (after the  book by Pascal Quignard).

A collaboration has also been in place since 2020, with a collective of Norwegian artists (Salongen), who open their studio  for concerts or allow us to animate their vernissages.

2023 is a big milestone with our very first international cross-art  festival!

Our actions



Concerts production is our main activity...and we always try to blend professionals with amateurs.

We also support young talents (students from local music school and university, universities and music conservatories across Europe)



Since 2017, we have always had at heart to reach children and youth so they can discover the power of music either by listening to concerts (always free) or playing themselves in first part. We have also organised  workshops with professional who presented their instrument (organ, clarinet).


We bring music into your life!

We believe that art can support us in our daily life and that you don't have to "be educated" in music to experience its power. Our facebook page and instagram account propose daily suggestions for a richer life in music and arts in general!

Welcome to "den gjenfundne tid" community  and be empowered by music!














Our partners

Salongen is a gallery and artist collective founded in 2019 by artists Camilla Løken, Kari Bukve and Vibeke Andersen. It is located in Storhaug, Stavanger and has become since its opening a vibrant space for creation and diversity.
Stavanger Accueil is an association, run by volunteers, whose  goal is to create a warm social enviornmnent for all Francophones and Francophiles in Stavanger!
You! who come to our concerts, who is a professional musician and support amateur practice, who hosts one of our private salon, whose kids play in our concerts, who you want to go on stage with us!
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