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Summer is here! For most of us, it is THE moment we have been waiting for long...the period where we are away from work, the period when we regain 8 hours per day  for ourselves, our family or maybe for others if you enjoy doing volunteering activities. Yes, looking like that, summer holidays is actually a huge chance for living your life like it's golden (one of my favorite song by the american  R&B singer Jill Scott). So this time, I won't make any book recommendation and the letter will be quite short. I just want to wish you a beautiful holiday  with this quote by Jean d'Ormesson from Académie française: " Happiness is a staircase leading down to the sea".

Happy Summer!

Love and music...always!


- musical excerpts of Golden by Jill Scott and a little video for d'Ormesson quote will be posted on the facebook page and instagram of Den Gjenfundne Tid

- tickets sale stays open via the website and              (select arrangør : Den Gjenfundne Tid)
Jill Scott's album: Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds
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