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Reconciliation is a new festival, located in Stavanger, Norway. The first edition in 2023 offered 3 days to experience the power of art as a reconciliation vector between human and nature and to re-think our relationship with nature in a sustainable approach.

Our vision is guided by the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe and want to demonstrate that  art and science together can contribute to build a beautiful world and create greater social bond.

Join us in the beautiful Norwegian nature and bring your ideas!

The first edition has given a central place to our reconnection to nature through our own body, thanks to our yoga workshop on the beach and beach cleaning action with the local organization Clean Shores. The physicist Yves Quéré, member of the French Academy of Sciences, shared his wisdom and knowledge to the public and children attended a science workshop under his mentoring. The festival also showcased the Scandinavian premiere of the choreography " The man and the sea" by Julien Boclé, with pianist Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter.

" Nature, which pre-exists the way we look at it, gives birth to science: it is the framework of our first words, the source of our first questions, and it remains an inexhaustible source of enigmas and wonders."
Yves Quéré, French Académie of Sciences
A shell close to my ear

Our vision

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