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The festival godfather: Yves Quéré

A Solid State physicist, specialized in the interaction between fast particles and matter, Yves Quéré has been the President of the Department of Physics and the President of the Senate of Professors at Ecole polytechnique (Paris).

Yves  Quéré  is a member  of the French Académie des Sciences .

He was elected (from 2000 to 2006) at the presidency of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP, the Assembly of the Science Academies worldwide). 

In 1995, he launched, with Nobel Physics laureate Georges Charpak and astrophysicist Pierre Léna, a renovation of the science Education of children in France, called "La main à la pâte" (in English : Inquiry Base Science Education, IBSE). 

Yves Quéré is also a music lover and cellist.


"Nature, which pre-exists the way we look at it, gives birth to science: it is the framework of our first words, the source of our first questions, and it remains an inexhaustible source of enigmas and wonders. »

Julien Boclé

Julien Boclé, born in 1999 in Brest, France, is a French choreographic artist, dancer, actor and author. Very young, he naturally developed an attraction for art, and especially for music and movement. A self-taught dancer, he trained for several years in Lorient, in hip-hop dance and more specifically in breakdance, then in Paris, Montreal and New York. Wishing to broaden his knowledge, he trained in other dance styles such as contemporary dance through workshops. 

Julien is worked by this need to weave different disciplinary fields, questioning the complexity  in the idea of ​​a more global thought.  For example, in "the man and the sea", the artist invited Capucine Trochet, writer and sailor, having crossed the Atlantic alone on a  sailboat, and marine biology researcher Pierre Mollo. The collaboration between the artist-dancer and the biologist went so far as to take samples from the marine space, then observations in the laboratory.

@Thomas Ferrand

Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter

@Manuel Braun

« Every descent into the self is also an ascension, an assumption, a glance toward the true external reality. » This quote from Novalis perfectly expresses the quintessence of Vaysse-Knitter’s nature – his playing is characterised by an extreme intensity and sense of vital urgency that grips the listener, as the piano under his hands sings melodies of introspection and transcendence.

Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter was trained in the grand tradition of the piano institutes of France, Poland and Germany. He entered the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris at the age of thirteen, where he was awarded a « Premier Prix » diploma for piano and chamber music.

He then had a decisive encounter with pianist and conductor, Krystian Zimerman, who gave him advice and guidance in choosing his path. He went on to the University of Music in Freiburg and obtained a diploma as a soloist. Finally, he perfected his skills with such musical authorities as György Sebők, Alexis Weissenberg, Alicia de Larrocha and Leon Fleisher at the prestigious International Piano Academy Lake Como

He has  been invited to perform in such prestigious venues as the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées and the Cité de la Musique in Paris, the Herkulesaal in Munich, the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam ...

Vanessa Livingston Andreassen

The French-Canadian Vanessa Livingston Andreassen has been teaching yoga, dance and Pilates in Stavanger since 2006. She attended 200 hours of YWTT (Yoga Works Teacher Training) in Paris in 2009. Vanessa is also a qualified Pilates instructor, certified by STOTT Pilates. Vanessa graduated from Ryerson University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater and Dance.

She founded Studio Vanessa in October 2010. It  offers dance, yoga and pilates classes at home or outside. Classes are available for everyone, adults and children. 


Nadia Aarab

Nadia Aarab is the co-founder of Clean Shores Global. She is the "Group Environmental Sustainability Lead » in Deep Ocean.

Nadia is from Morocco and holds a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Bordeaux.

She has worked as a researcher at CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research), then in Stavanger at IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger) and held various positions in industry before joining Deep Ocean.

Natacha Blisson

Natacha Blisson has been deeply involved in sustainable development since the beginning of her career with positions in the French Ministry of Energy and in the European Commission.

Since she came to Norway in 2011, she has contributed to the implementation of Equinor's sustainability strategy as "Sustainability Focal Point" for the Exploration and Production department internationally.

She is also the president of "Stavanger Accueil", an association, run by volunteers, whose ultimate goal is to create a warm social environment for all French speakers and Francophiles in Stavanger!


Stéphanie Kretz

Graduated from Louis Pasteur University and IUFM (teacher training institute) in Strasbourg, Stéphanie Heyberger Kretz has been teaching physics and chemistry in secondary school, first in Paris, then from 2003 at the French School in Stavanger. There, also teaching science to primary pupils, she uses with joy the pedagogical resources from La main à la pâte (in English: Inquiry Base Science Education, IBSE). After complementary studies in pedagogy, math and French at Oslo and Stavanger University, she’s been teaching French, mathematics, and science since 2018 in Norwegian secondary schools in Stavanger. Stéphanie is also an active member of Crescendo choir.

You !

You, who live in Stavanger area or are just visiting this beautiful region, you  are welcome to join us! 

Try a breakdance class with Julien, join a yoga class with Vanessa, have a chat around your favorite piano piece with Frédéric, bring your ideas, your energy to change our word during the discussion with Yves, Natacha, Nadia and the artists.

If you dream to get on stage, this festival is for you !

  • You can read your favorite poem or text on the theme of the Festival.

  • If you are between 11 and 17, you are welcome to participate to Julien's masterclass (W5) to prepare a mini-choreography that will be premiered in first party of the Sunday Finale show

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