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Now is the time!

I hope you had a lovely summer and that this new season will bring you joy and energy. This is the reason why the Reconciliation festival is scheduled just for the end of august! We catch you after school start, after the re-start at work and we hope to bring you joy, fun, peace and also liberate your creativity. How? 

By offering you an eclectic selection of artistic, scientific and sometimes even philosophic events during the 3 days of the festival (25th - 27th)!

You will also be in close connection with the artists and the participants and will have the possibility to ask all the questions you have on Chopin, Einstein, breakdance, sustainable development... and of course we are looking forward to your ideas and solutions for a beautiful world!

Love and music...and see you at the festival!


- Thank you for following the festival: here is your rabattkode for Passes and the Finale all inclusive DGTVENN2023

- tickets sale stays open via the website and              (select arrangør : Den Gjenfundne Tid)

- kids under 9 years old have free entrance to all events.


23.08     19.00-20.30 Gauselsbydelhus (FREE): meeting with the participants (in french)

25.08     17.00-21.30 Regestranden (50/25 NOK): opening

26.08     10.00-11.00 Regestranden (or House of Movement if bad weather): Yoga (150/75 NOK)

             13.00-15.00 House of Movement: Dance workshop with Julien Boclé and Vanessa Livingston (for 11-17 years - 400 NOK)

             14.00-16.30 House of Movement (FREE): brainstorming workshop

27.08     10.00-11.00 Regestranden (or SKUR 2): Yoga(150/75 NOK)

             14.00-19.30 Finale (piano recital, The man and the sea, conversation with Yves Quéré...and more) (400/200 NOK with rabattkode)

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