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It's just the beginning...

Thank you to all who participated in this first edition. If you were not able to join, rejoice! These 3 days were just the beginning of a new journey... I announced at the festival our wish to support the UN Agenda 2030 and called each of us to think and make a first step towards getting closer to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our sustainable development expert, Nadia Aarab, from Clean Shores read in the festival opening the message from General-Secretary António Guterres for UN World Oceans Day, which our festival was celebrating, and Nadia's voice was reinforced by the young generation with a young girl reading again that message at the closing event.

So this september letter will be short and I am just asking you to read this message as well, to read it with your family, to think of it... I am confident beautiful things will happen...because it happened to me and my family

Thank you


a beautiful encounter between my son and Hvaldimir, the white beluga whale
Godalen beach cleaning with Clean Shores during the festival
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